If you’re like most people, one thing that always makes your New Year’s resolution list is, “Get more organized.” In today’s hectic and often challenging lifestyle pace, staying organized provides an important sense of control and ensures you stay on track toward important goals.

As a Member of the Top 5 in Real Estate Network®, I know that organization is the key to success, both at home and on the job.  Here are 10 tips for kicking off a well-organized year:

•Box it up right – Begin by stowing away the holiday décor in well-marked and sorted boxes. Try using empty wine cartons (you can probably get them free from your local liquor store) for fragile ornaments, and buy a few plastic storage cases that can be stacked and stored out of the way.

•Make some lists –
Add any new names to your card and gift list, so that you are ready for next year.

•Get a new calendar – first, transfer in all birthdays and other important dates you want to be sure to remember.

•Schedule it – then begin scheduling annual medical, dental and veterinarian appointments for the family and pets, and note any other dates you want to remember, such as car maintenance, registration times, etc.

•Get it on sale –
Get a head start on next year by taking advantage of after-holiday sales on wrapping paper, cards and gifts.

•Budget for next year – Take a look at your receipts to see how much you spent this year; then divide by twelve and begin a savings plan to help you get there stress-free.

•Hidden agenda –
Designate a private spot for storing gifts you buy when they are on sale during the year. Keep a note in your wallet listing what you buy and for whom.

•Be tax ready –
Create a folder or storage box for all receipts, check stubs, and other materials you will need when tax season rolls around. Make this the year you throw everything into the designated file or box.

•Be car ready –
Keep a box in your trunk to hold blankets, umbrellas, diapers, flashlight and anything else you may want to have handy in an emergency.

•Check on your resolutions –
Keep a written list of what you want to accomplish this year: losing weight, eating better, exercising, or even being more organized. Check the list each month to see how well you are doing.

While it seems impossible at times, staying organized is simpler than you think—and the rewards are tremendous—so forward these great tips to your family and friends. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2010 and be sure to e-mail me for any real estate-related assistance you may need in the New Year.