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How Much Can I Spend on a New Home?????

by Mike Parker

Submitted by Jill Kuchle:

You might have an idea of the loan payment and mortgage you can afford. But how will the bank feel?   It's always best to get pre-qualifed for a mortgage so you know exactly how much a bank or other financial institution would be willing to lend you.   And it will let you look at homes that are definately within your price range!!  This way, there will be no disapointments!!!

In the pre-qualification process, you will find out: 

- Exactly how much home or land you can afford. 

- How much cash you will need for the down payment. 

- The minimum down payment, and advantages of higher down payments. 

- What the bank feels you can afford for a monthly payment. 

We have a terrific lender who can help you will all your residential mortage needs.  Just contact our office today for more information.  859-647-0700.


After almost four years our free moving van has been a HUGE hit with far more interest than we ever imagined.  More and more of our clients are using the van in their HOA (home owners association) events, or moving chairs for a school PTA event or even for church raffles.  Did you know we make it available FREE for these purposes?  If you have a charitable non-profit event coming up and need to move stuff, moving yourself, or give use of the van away in a raffle, contact us today and book the van out.  It's all a part of supporting the community that has been so good to us.

Please don't forget it's also yours to use when you need to pick up that new antique chest of drawers you found at the neighborhood estate sale, or maybe helping the lady next door move into her new condo!!

Call us to schedule the van, it is of course always subject to prior reservation, and please note you must be 21 years old with a valid license and insurance, and the truck cannot go more than 50 miles from Florence.  Other terms and conditions apply to satisfy our insurance agent, but please it's there to be used! 


How Do I Get My House Ready To Sell?????

by Mike Parker

Submitted by Jill Kuchle:

You just found out your company is re-locating you or you have decided up downsize or maybe your family has outgrown your current home, whatever your situation, it's time to put your house on the market - now the main question that is on your mind is, "How do I get my house ready to sell???"

Look no further....these few steps will help you get your house in tip top shape AND get you the offer you want!!

  • Open the curatins and let the sun in - nothing makes a house look better than good ol natural light!!
  • Install high wattage light bulbs.
  • Remove ALL clutter from each room - including many personal items such as photos!
  • If you have a fireplace, highlight it.
  • Keep your home dusted and vacuummed at ALL times.
  • Ktichens and bathrooms should always be kept SPOTLESS.  If you don't hardly use it - pack it away!!
  • Expand your counter space by removing small appliances.
  • If your carpet doesn't clean up well, REPLACE IT!!!
  • Put away family photos until your home is under contract.
  • Make sure the Front Door Bell works.
  • Invest in a new door mats.
  • Make sure the front door works effortlessly!
  • Regardless of the season, tackle spring cleaning.
  • CLEAN EVERYTHING in your home from top to bottom!!
  • Wash ALL windows INSIDE and OUT.
  • Repair any holes resulting from nails or other mishaps.
  • Freshly paing all inside walls.
  • Repair or replace broken tiles on walls, floors or in showers/tubs.
  • Repair or replace loose wall paper.
  • If the basement shows any signs of water or structural damange it may be necessary to obtain a structural engineer's report.
  • Water and prune ALL plants (both inside and out!!)
  • Remove any excess extension cords and exposed wires.

If you have any other questions concerning getting your home ready to sell.  Feel free to contact us and we can get you ready to sell quick!!!


Selling Your Home When You Own Pets!!!

by Mike Parker

Submitted by Jill Kuchle:

Many real estate agents are animal lovers and have pets of their own, but we have all shared stories of having our fingers or ankles nipped by furry creatures during a showing. We have opened the front door to the home we are showing only to have a purebred Persian kitten or Golden Retriever dart out the door toward the nearest busy street.   (And trust me, that is not fun...)

If you have pets and are going to put your house on the market, be sure to work out the showing arrangements carefully. It is important for Real Estate agents  to be able to communicate to our colleagues what to expect when they pass through your front door. It is rare for pets to pose significant problems, but big dogs can be menacing. Buyers or agents may be allergic or even a little phobic (or a lot phobic) about dogs or cats! 

It is difficult to get a buyer excited about your home if he or she is sneezing continuously or unwilling to cross the threshold because your dog is barking away intruders.  (Trust us on this one!!)  If your agent knows there might be a problem, they can arrange ahead of time for you to walk the dog, vacuum the cat dander or do whatever is necessary to make sure that the showing goes smoothly.  Not only will it make you feel better but it will also let the potential buyer know you take great pride in your home! 

I am a complete animal lover and have a dog and cat of my own but I know first hand the trouble alergies and smells can pose.  If you have any questions about how to sell your house with pets inside, just ask The Team for some friendly advice!!! 

The Boone County Fair is Set to Begin!!!

by Mike Parker

Submitted by Jill Kuchle:

It's August, it's hot and it's time again for the Boone County Fair!!!  If you are like me, there is nothing like a nice juicy ear of corn, some good ol fashioned country ham, and the demolition derby to make for a fun evening out with the family!!  The Boone County Fair is ready to start and includes LOADS for everyone to check out.

Located at the Boone County Fairgrounds on Idlewild Road, in Burlington, the fair runs from August 6 - 11 this year.  (However there is a tractor pull on Aug. 4th in the evening!!)  If you live in Boone County, enter your kids in the baby show or Little Mr. and Miss Boone County, or other various pagents for the older kids.  The fun doesn't stop there though - this year everything from the 4-H animal shows, horse pulling, tractor pulls, hot dog eating contests, bubble gum blowing contests, frog jumping, rides, food, demolition derbies and much, much more will excite just about everyone in the entire family.  I know my neices and nephews work hard all spring to get their sheep and cows ready for the fair.  It is a great place to take the younger kids too and show them all the animals - especially if they don't live on a farm.  4-H is also a wonderful program to get the kids invloved in.  It teaches them how to care for their animals, pride of ownership, responsibility and can even earn them a little cold hard cash!!!  (and everyone loves that!!)

This year we plan on going to watch the tractor pulls, the demolition derby, the animal shows and maybe enter my son in the 2 Year Old Baby Contest (we'll see though......).

Admission to the fair is $7 per person for ages 3 and older and includes parking and most of the rides

We hope to see ya'll there!!!  For more information on the Boone County Fair visit their website at!!!


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