This blog was posted by Ralph Roberts.  Mike Parker was part of this team of  top real estate agents in the business......

Swaping Strategy with the Superstars of Real Estate

I am in Las Vegas today meeting with 51 of the top Real Estate agent team leaders from across the country. Bill Barrett, a former Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) instructor and a top national speaker, is hosting this annual retreat to promote the sharing of ideas among Real Estate industry leaders.

From 8:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon, we are engaged in a high-energy strategy swap meet designed to raise everyone’s game to a new level. Barrett requested that every attendee bring 51 copies of either a three-ring binder or CDs or DVDs of everything they have done this year to list and sell over 100 homes. These materials include prospecting strategies, listing presentations, sales scripts, marketing materials, customer service techniques, follow-up strategies, new technologies, time-management tips, and anything else that has been used to boost sales and productivity.

This is such a great opportunity be each attendee exchanges their materials and then commences in a back-and-forth discussion that provides all of us with the opportunity to present our best system. Barrett has let everyone know that this is not a time to plug vendors, and he has discouraged us from bringing any brochures from any of the vendors we use. He stressed that the retreat is an opportunity to share and gather ideas, systems, tips, and techniques that can boost sales and revenue over the coming years.

The list of participants reads like the Who’s Who of the Real Estate Industry:

  • Greg Anderson
  • Bill Barrett
  • Alexis Bolin
  • Martin Bouma
  • Barbara J. Brady
  • Joseph Brazen
  • Duncan Brown
  • Ron Cadieux
  • Ron Campbell
  • Stephen Christie
  • David Crockett
  • Melinda Estridge
  • Michelle Genovesi
  • Galand Haas
  • Mary Harker
  • Phil Herman
  • Pei Lin Huang
  • Ken J. Jansen
  • Jim Johnston
  • Anna King
  • Brad Korb
  • Brad Korn
  • Sheryl Knowles
  • Colleen Lawler
  • Rob Levy
  • Sid Lezamiz
  • Nate Martinez
  • Leslie McDonnell
  • Janice Miller
  • Sam Miller
  • Stanley Mills
  • Chip Neumann
  • Jim Nussbaum
  • Mike Parker
  • Janet Parsons
  • Zac Pasmanick
  • Carol Pease
  • John Pinto
  • Brenda Rawls
  • John Riggins
  • (yours truly) Ralph R. Roberts
  • Cathy Russell
  • Marsha Sell
  • Alan Shafran
  • Eleanor Sheets
  • Jean Shine
  • Orly Steinberg
  • Fraida Varah
  • Pat Wattam
  • Phyllis Wolborsky