Looking for cheaper, safer household cleaner??  If you're like me, you are trying to tighten the strings on your budget and keep the enviornment a little safer by going green.  There is a new show on Planet Green called Wasted and in this show they give you tips on going green while saving you tons of money!!!

One of these great ideas is making your own household cleaner.  It's safer because exposure to cleaning products can reduce your lung function and increase the risk of asthma by 30% - 50%.  You can make an all purpose cleaner by mixing water, baking soda and vinegar together and storing it in a mason jar!!  This takes less than a minute to mix up and it can save you at least $250 a year in cleaning supplies!!! 

For other great recipes for all kinds of cleaners visit click here!!  My personal favorite is all the uses for vinegar!!!  Try them...they really work!!!