This article was written up in the KYPost and features our agent partner Peter Zimmer.

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Fifteen people graduated from the 3rd Annual Kenton County Government Academy Monday evening.

State Rep. Arnold Simpson, D- Covington, was the featured keynote speaker. Kenton County Judge/Executive Ralph Drees also addressed the graduates.

The Kenton County Government Academy was created to give average citizens the opportunity to learn about how their local government works from the inside out.

Goals of this program are that citizens will become more involved with government related issues in Kenton County all the while fostering potential community leaders by equipping them with essential information to share with and answer questions from friends, relatives and neighbors.

Now, after completing a 40 hour program over the course of the last 12 weeks, these citizens graduated from the academy with honors.

Graduates include:
Jeremy Canter – Ft. Thomas
Jay Ficke – Covington
Joni Ficke – Edgewood
Holly Houillion – Covington
Brian Houillion – Covington
Barry Johnson – Covington
Beverly Naïve – Walton
Nataliya Parker – Walton
Scott Pennington – Independence
Joe Price – Crestview Hills
Nancy Ray – Covington
Gregory Scully – Burlington
Terry Mayo – Crestview Hills
William Wells – Covington
Peter Zimmer – Covington

Congratulations Peter on a job well done!!!!!