Kentucky Suggested Reading

Suggested Reading

We have compiled a few resources that are especially helpful for prospective buyers. With so many great ways to save time and money, we believe you can never be too prepared! Click here if you would like us to help you find something specific!

Budget Basics Worksheet

It's great to get yourself on a budget, here's a simple worksheet to get you started.

Buying Homes At An Auction

Buying a home at an auction

Closing Documents You Should Keep

After closing, it's wise to hang on to the following documents...

Moving Van

Use our moving van for FREE!

Moving With Pets

Moving with pets

Shopping for a Condo? Ask These 4 Questions before You Buy

4 Questions to ask yourself before you buy a condo

Tips for Lowering Home Owners Insurance Costs

This article gives buyers tips for home owners insurance costs.

What Not To Overlook On A Final Walkthrough

The Final Walkthrough is important!! Don't overlook these things....

Lender Checklist - What You Need For A Mortgage

This checklist will help when it's time to meet with your lender regarding a mortgage.

Northern Kentucky Utilities

Utility companies phone numbers

Planning the Perfect Move Check-list

Use this handy check-list when getting ready to move.

Understanding The Offer Process

Understanding how the offer process works when working with The Mike Parker Team

Steps Involved in Buying A Home

Steps Involved in Buying a Home

Understanding Closing Costs

Understanding Closing Costs When Buying a Home.

Information on The Appraisal

The home buyers guide to the appraisal.

Checking Your Personal Credit

Getting a copy of your personal credit, especially if you are considering purchasing real estate.

Buying Bank Owned Properties

Buying Bank Owned Properties

Finding a Good Realtor to Represent You

Finding a good realtor to represent you.

Mortgage Rates and Pricing

Find out how mortgage rates and pricing works.

Advantages of Getting Pre-Approved

The Advantages of Getting Pre-Approved before buying a home.

What Goes With the Home When You Sell or Buy

Real property vs. personal property. What goes with a home when you buy or sell.

Contingencies & Negotiations in Real Estate Contracts

Contingencies & Negotiations in Real Estate Contracts.

Assistance Programs for First Time Homebuyers

Are you a first time home buyer? This article discusses different assistant programs for the first time home buyer.

FHA and VA Loans

FHA and VA Loans

The Earnest Money Deposit

Understanding the earnest money deposit.

Why Title Insurance is So Important

Why title insurance is very important when buying a home.

Common Closing Costs for Buyers

This article gives buyers typical closing costs that may appear on their good faith estimate.

Location, Location, Location

What do location and resale value have in common?

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